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Luminant Music 4 for Mobile Is Available Now!

Access more music in more ways. The best music player and visualizer to energize any atmosphere — in one easy-to-use app.

Visualize Your Favorite Music

See your favorite music come to life with Luminant Music’s stunning animations. Music lovers and creators, you have to see this.

Share Music Videos with Friends at a Distance​

Create unforgettable, high-quality music videos on your desktop to share across your favorite social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

A Whole Mood, In Your Pocket

Electrify the atmosphere wherever you go, with the new mobile app. Get the best music visualization of our advanced software on your smartphone or tablet.


Watch your music come alive with a variety of spectacular scenes that react to the music as it plays.


Play your own music from your phone or computer and make it look beautiful.

Internet Radio

Make internet stations look spectacular.


Play live music synced to dynamic computer animation.


Enjoy an amazing visual spectacle synced to any sound your system is playing.


Create extraordinary music videos easily.