Mobile Features

Take Your Music Experience Anywhere

Our Luminant Music Mobile app combines the best music visualization of our advanced software with the versatility of your smartphone or tablet. 

Connect Spotify

Connect your favorite Spotify playlists with Luminant Music. Access vast libraries of content right out of the box, from your mobile device, and enjoy beautiful animations synced to your favorite songs.


Our library mode gives you instant entertainment. Right out of the box, a playlist of your own music is available and ready to go without any effort or learning curve. You can play songs from your own files, controlling the music’s flow with loop, shuffle, and more.


With Luminant Music’s radio mode, you get curated lists of music and stations, making it easier and quicker to find content that you love. Powered by Shoutcast. Choose from tens of thousands of stations!


Your device’s own microphone can be used to add striking visuals to any sound. From live music to sound effects, use your microphone along with Luminant Music to create a celebration of sight and sound.