What is Luminant Music?

  • A music player
  • An Internet radio player
  • A music video producer
  • Listens to your microphone
  • Listens to system audio
Plus a collection of beautiful scenes that respond to the music in real‑time

Plus a collection of beautiful scenes that respond to the music in real‑time

The ultimate
music visualizer

Luminant Music is a music visualizer like no other. Create a mesmerizing visual spectacle synced to your favorite music whichever way you choose to play it.

Your Music

Play your favorite MP3s or other music files in our built-in music player and enjoy an instant, amazing visual show driven in real-time by your music.

Amplify your
Music Experience

Elevate the joy of listening to music to new levels by creating a more visceral experience.

Add Ambiance

Add beautiful ambiance to any room, wherever you enjoy listening to music.

Jam to a
real-time spectacle

Perform your instrument or sing live to graphics that respond to the notes you play.

Live Events

Provide a visually striking extravaganza during live music performances at parties, events, and DJ sessions.

Listen to Your
Favorite Source

Use music from your favorite source, including streaming services, to create a stunning visual show.

Make Music Videos

Effortlessly produce amazing computer-animated videos synced to your favorite music, rendered flawlessly for sharing on social media.

Enjoy Internet Radio

Enjoy Internet radio stations linked to spectacular graphics using the built-in Internet radio player with over 6,000 stations across all genres worldwide.

Your favorite music is going to look amazing.

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