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Which platforms will run Luminant Music?

Luminant Music is currently available as a desktop application for 64-bit Windows.

If I installed the trial, do I need to download and install the application again after I purchase the Lite, Standard, or Ultimate edition?

No, if you have already installed the Luminant Music trial, click the About icon, found at the top of the of the application to enter the serial number you received when you purchased the Lite, Standard, or Ultimate edition.

Luminant Music is running slowly. What can I adjust?

Performance varies significantly across computers. Please visit the User Guide for tips to improve the performance of Luminant Music on your computer.

Can I use the microphone to drive the scenes?

Yes. Click the Main Menu button on the bottom left. Select Microphone. The performance of this feature may vary based on the quality of the microphone.

Release Notes

View the release notes for details on the improvements, fixes, and enhancements included with each updated version of Luminant Music.

Release Notes

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